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Private Lesson

Subscription Monthly 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
BASIC $120 $320 $540 $950
PREMIUM $200 $540 $960 $1650
STAR $240 $650 $1220 $2250
FULL $380 $990 $1800 $3350
VIP $600 $1550 $2450 $4320
Small group Lesson Contact us for pricing information
Tutorial Subscription Price Duration to finish
10 lessens $150 45 Days
20 lessons $280 3 Months
30 lessons $400 4 Months
50 lessons $600 6 Months
60 lessons $680 7 Months
80 lessons $850 9 Months
100 lessons $950 12 Months

Registration fee: $40 per student (applies to first-time student only)

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A choice of 5 subscription levels allows you to select a course package that best suits your budget and schedule. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. The price of each course package is reasonable and fair. Based on different lengths of study and subjects, prices vary and average price ranges from US$10/lesson to US$25/lesson. In general, the more classes you take, and the longer you study, more discounts may apply.

  • Basic Subscription An introductory step to learning Chinese, the Basic Subscription is for learners who want to study 1 lesson per week. Starting from $16 per lesson.
  • Premium Subscription The Premium Subscription offers up to 2 lessons per week. Starting from $15 per lesson.
  • Star Subscription The Star Subscription offers up to 3 lessons per week. Starting from $13 per lesson.
  • Full Subscription The Full Subscription gives you access to up to 5 lessons per week. Starting from just $10 per lesson.
  • VIP Subscription For busy but dedicated learners, the VIP Subscription is ideal. The VIP Subscription offers personalized and structured study support. In addition to enjoying the Full-level access, your personal teacher focuses more on your structured progress, and provides full guidance and support, all of this adapted to your work schedule and learning needs. The VIP subscription includes:
    • Full subscription access (as above)
    • Personal needs analysis
    • Customized study plan
    • Monthly study plans, set according to the needs of the learner
    • Personalized 30-minute monthly test - to assess the learner's progress and plan the next month's study

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  • Sino Language summer camp participant: Student who has ever participated in one of our summer camp programs will enjoy 2 free trials and a 10% discount on course package of 3 months or longer.
  • Student Discount: Ideal for the student who wants to get more out of their Chinese classroom studies. Students with active school accounts are eligible for a 10% discount on any course package of 6 months or longer (excluding special promotion).
    Be sure to send us proof of your full-time student status (at least 2 of the followings):
    • Scanned copy of your school
    • ID School website/email address
    • Class schedule
    • A school email address with your name
    * We reserves the right of recognizing student status.
  • Group subscriptions for schools and educational institutions: To inquire about the options available, please contact us.
  • Subscription Special! Users who purchase 12 months subscriptions will receive great gifts from Chinese learning DVD to award-winning Chinese landscapes photo book.

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  • Payment Methods
    Subscriptions can be purchased through (1) check or money order, (2) debit card, (3) secure credit card transactions, by email, phone, fax or mail.
    Contact us if you wish to do a bank transfer. * Bank fees are the responsibilities of the sender.
  • Monthly and Recurring Payment
    If you are looking for an affordable month to month Sino Language Online subscription solution on long-term commitments, the Monthly Subscription is for you. The Sino Language Online Monthly Subscription gives you the opportunity to be flexible with your subscription payments. Instead of committing to a one-off lump sum payment, you can pay monthly and stop when finishing the whole payment. Once you subscribe through credit card payment, or by PayPal transaction, we will automatically process your payment every month to avoid the hassle of going through the payment process every time you wish to renew. An email receipt will be sent to you on renewal.
  • Cancel Recurring Billing
    If you decide to cancel your recurring billing, simply send us an email. However, if you have just submitted payment and would like to opt out of recurring billing, please wait until you receive second payment notification before cancelling your recurring billing. Otherwise your whole transaction will be cancelled.

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You can change your subscription type at any time, simply send us an email. The outstanding value on your account will be applied to your chosen subscription. If the remaining value is less than the price of your chosen subscription, you will be asked to pay the difference, and if the remaining value exceeds the price of your chosen subscription, the difference will be stored in your account as a 'Sino Language Credit', which can be redeemed against any future purchase on this site or any other Sino Language programs.

Fees are non refundable if you fail to schedule and attend classes.

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Sino Language Online offers one-month money back guarantee. If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply email us your cancellation within 1 month and you will only be charged for the first month fee and be refunded the rest of the money.