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Learning From a Native Speaker,
Without Leaving Home

Program Details

Language learning is fun Sino Language Chinese Mandarin Cyber ClassesLanguage learning is fun and effective when you practice with native speakers. Join our active community and practice speaking with native Chinese language buddies today! The best way to learn a foreign language may be to surround yourself with native speakers. But if you can't manage a trip abroad to China, the Internet and a broadband computer connection may do the job, too, bringing native speakers within electronic reach for practice.

Regular Chinese Lesson

Regular Chinese Lessons are intended to be a systematic course for students.

Business Lesson

Business Chinese Lessons are available to students at Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced Mandarin Chinese levels.

Teens Chinese Lesson

Teens Chinese Lessons are intended for teens of 11 to 16 years old who are learning Chinese at different stages.

Kids Chinese Lesson

Kids Chinese Lessons are intended for children of 3 to 9 years old who are learning Chinese as beginners.