Sino Language

How it works

Learning From a Native Speaker,
Without Leaving Home

How to works

The best way to learn a foreign language may be to surround yourself with native speakers. But if you can't manage a trip abroad, the Internet and a broadband computer connection may do the job, too, bringing native speakers within electronic reach for practice. Our lessons are conducted live using video conference tools and Instant Messengers by experienced Chinese teachers and tutors. Sino Language Online offers all the benefits of real practice without the inconvenience of classroom attendance. You learn Mandarin Chinese based at your own pace, and take lessons that fit your own schedule. Please follow the next steps,

Step 1: Fill out your information on our website and submit;

Step 2: Our program coordinator will contact you within one working day and help you get ready for a FREE trial lesson.

Step 3: During the 50-minutes trial lesson, our teacher will evaluate your current language level and help you determine which program suits you best.

Step 4: Select and purchase the program, you can enjoy your online studies now.