Sino Language

Cyber Learning

Sino Language (SLG) is established by American and Chinese professionals in 2003 to promote cultural and educational exchange for young people between China and the rest of the world.

Program Detail

Language learning is fun Sino Language Chinese Mandarin Cyber ClassesLanguage learning is fun and effective when you practice with native speakers. Join our active community and practice speaking with native Chinese language buddies today! The best way to learn a foreign language may be to surround yourself with native speakers. But if you can't manage a trip abroad to China, the Internet and a broadband computer connection may do the job, too, bringing native speakers within electronic reach for practice.

If you are taking Chinese lessons at school, but don't have many chances to practice your language skills, or you want a Chinese tutor to help you review school lessons or assist you with homework, this tutorial service is just right for you.
Our tutor takes you through the school curriculum while identifying your unique learning processes, and is able to tailor curriculum for your particular needs whether you are a beginning learner or you would like to have knowledge of Chinese literature or history. This program provides a smooth transition so that you feel comfortable and is able to work independently in your school.
Our tutors are selected Chinese college students who speak fluent English. They have various educational background, such as science, economics, engineering, or Chinese literature. Their different experiences make the tutorial session unique and interesting. The tutors have been pre-trained before tutorial sessions, and receive on-going training regularly, this ensures them use effective teaching methods and materials.
We recommend you meet with our tutor at least twice a week for one-on-one practicing sessions. The tutor will strengthen the language skills that have been identified. The purpose of this program is to provide alternative ways of learning to ensure your success in learning Chinese and build language partnership.
You are required to speak basic Chinese or have taken at least one semester of Chinese lessons to before using the tutorial services.
Practice Chinese with a native speaker, without leaving home.