Sino Language

Cyber Learning

Sino Language (SLG) is established by American and Chinese professionals in 2003 to promote cultural and educational exchange for young people between China and the rest of the world.

Program Detail

Language learning is fun Sino Language Chinese Mandarin Cyber ClassesLanguage learning is fun and effective when you practice with native speakers. Join our active community and practice speaking with native Chinese language buddies today! The best way to learn a foreign language may be to surround yourself with native speakers. But if you can't manage a trip abroad to China, the Internet and a broadband computer connection may do the job, too, bringing native speakers within electronic reach for practice.

Small Group Sessions (typically 2-5 students) provide an interactive and engaging learning environment. Each student benefits from individualized attention from the instructor as well as group participation and peer competition. Small Group Lessons are available to students at all levels from beginner to advanced. This program is designed to provide students with the necessary Chinese skills to succeed in any Chinese language environment. Our programs are comprehensive. Students will learn to read, write, speak and listen to Mandarin Chinese, while also gaining essential cultural understanding. Teachers incorporate textbooks, videos, audio recordings and other techniques into each course. All students begin classes with other students of the same of similar proficiency level. Placement test is given before a session begins to ensure proper placement. Our team then constantly evaluates student progress and may periodically move students to the best available class for their progress and proficiency level.
Beginner GA01(0-150 characters) and GA02(150-300 characters)
Beginner level accepts students that have never learned Chinese, or who have learned Chinese phonetics and a few words, but can not express themselves in complete sentences.
Elementary GB01(300-450 characters) and GB02(450-600 characters)
Elementary level students are required to know at least 300 Chinese characters. These students have basic knowledge of systematic grammar and sentence structure.
Intermediate GC01(600-750 characters) and GC02(750-900 characters)
Intermediate level students are required to know at least 600 characters. These students are conversational at a basic level in Chinese.
Upper Intermediate GD01(900-1050 characters) and GD02(1050-1200 characters)
Upper Intermediate level students are required to know at least 900 Chinese characters. These students can express their opinions and general topics with good intonation.
Advanced GE01(1200+ characters)
Advanced level students are required to know at least 1200 Chinese characters. These students are able to read newspapers and magazines, understand radio and television broadcast, and can express themselves systematically using appropriate expressions and language norms. Typically students can move to the next level in 2 months. Full completion is going to take a year and half if you start from Beginner GA01.